Lystra Rose

Award Winning Writer


During the 2019 NAIDOC event and first nations market space for HOTA, Home of the Arts Gold Coast, Lystra Bisschop was part of the celebrations. Lystra’s beautiful workshop “Truth Rocks”, an intimate, engaging experience for self-development, evoked such wonderful emotion with all ages and quickly became a delightful highlight of the event. Producer, Lann Levinge, said, “Truth Rocks resonated with so many and was certainly one of our key workshops on the day”.

He added, “Equally powerful was the debut of Lystra’s performance of her spoken word piece ‘Unshakeable’, a true reflection of the talent, strength and growth Lystra is clearly experiencing and discovering in her life right now through her connection to self and to culture”.

Such was the positive impact of Lystra’s work, that Lann Levinge said that he simply had to engage both “Truth Rocks” and another reading of “Unshakable” at the HOTA staff NAIDOC celebration, where it was once again well received.

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